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Below are various links to both Carey-specific and general genealogy Web sites.

The Carey Genealogy Hub is always on the look-out for good genealogy sites, both for Carey-specific genealogy, and for general purposes. If you would like to initiate a reciprocal link please click here. Please note that links are manually screened to prevent link spam abuse.

Carey Family

genealogy research and video

The Carey DNA Project

Carey surname page hosted by Provides information on familial DNA testing for genealogy purposes.

Carey Family Tree-Viking Roots

Focuses on the line stemming from John Carey of Bristol, England. But also has interesting information about a connection between the Norman Careys and earlier Viking roots.

Carey Genealogy

Carey genealogy information tracing back to Lincolnshire, England

Carey Settlers Waiheke NZ

Descendents of Robert Carey, settled Waiheke Island New Zealand 1865

The Careys of Ireland

A detailed account of the origins of Irish Careys

Carey Family History

Carey family homepage linking to family history and genealogy pages

The History of the Carey Family of Guernsey

Detailed and interesting site devoted to the Carey line of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

Surname Web - Carey

A comprehensive source of links to Carey genealogy sites.

Carey Family Genealogy Forum

Offers a very popular and searchable bulletin board forum for Carey genealogists.