Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

The Carey Genealogy Hub respects the rights of the individual, and specifically the users of this Web site, to their privacy. As a result we are proud to declare our privacy statement, and also our disclaimer that you as a potential or actual user of this service should be aware of.

The Carey Genealogy Hub is a hobby website, run on a not-for-profit basis. Selected PII (Personal Identifying Information) that you supply us (your full name, e-mail address, specifc genealogy history, etc.) will be accessible via the World Wide Web by any other Internet user who visits the site. In an attempt to reduce the chances of our users' email addresses from being 'scraped' (i.e. harvested) by spammers, we render each individual address a) only on its own specific result detail page, and b) as an image instead of as plain text.

The creators and maintainers of the The Carey Geneaology Hub do not and will not sell or distribute any personal information that we accumulate to another company, group, vendor, organization, or individual. Our only form of information distribution is via the Web-based tools, functionality and features that you and all other visitors to the site can readily access.

Any information which you supply that is not used for direct publication on The Carey Genealogy Hub is used strictly for security purposes to validate our users' authenticity if and when they edit their postings. Visitors' IP addresses are collected in an effort to detect spammers or potentially malicious users.

However, because of the nature of the Internet as a means of mass communication with few practical constraints, we are not able to guarantee that the names, e-mail addresses and geneaology information of our users will not be used or harvested by nefarious Internet users for spamming, marketing or any other purposes.

Furthermore, The Carey Genealogy Hub cannot guarantee 100% security of its users' information from hackers or other malicious users at all times. We, the creators and maintaners of The Carey Genealogy Hub have done our utmost to protect the site and the information therein from all possible unwanted intrusions. However, by posting your information on The Carey Genealogy Site you realize that, as with any other on-line service, you are responsible for the information you disclose, and any consequences that occur as a result of that disclosure.

We hope you enjoy The Carey Genealogy Hub, and find the service and information useful in your genealogy research.

Updated July 9th, 2019.