About Us

The Carey Genealogy Hub was created by Andrew Carey in 1999, at a time when interactive genealogy websites were rare, and genealogy information often cost money. The concept behind the website was to provide Carey genealogists with a free, interactive source for connecting and exchanging information.

Since establishing a presence via search engines and general genealogy lists, the website has gradually grown in both scope and influence. Despite being dedicated to a very specific set of surnames, the Carey Genealogy Hub is consistently recognized on Google and other search engines as one of the top resources for Carey/Cary genealogy information. It also won a StudyWeb 'Academic Excellence Award' in 2001.

The objective of the Carey Genealogy Hub remains to provide Carey genealogy enthusiasts with a portal for exchanging reliable information and finding other relevant Internet sources for their research. As a 'hobby' website, the Hub remains a 'labour of love' that yields no financial benefits to its owner. The addition of adverts to cover some hosting expenses remains a possibility, but one that will remain a last resort.

In 2006 the website was moved to its own domain - careygenealogyhub.com for ease of recognition, and to reduce the chances of someone else using the reputation of this website for financial gains.

In 2015 the website received a major overhaul, including a more modern appearance and a responsive design so it renders much better on mobile devices. The underlying code was also refactored to better follow website best practices.

The site is still run by Andrew Carey, with the help of his family. You are welcome to contact him with suggestions, link exchanges, or to report bugs. Webmaster address

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